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This month we feature Anjum Gull and his brother Naz, who have recently started selling cars full time. Quitting a corporate job and setting up their own business is one of the best things they have ever done, says Anjum.

Anjum is from an IT background, in which he spent the last 11 years of his life. Naz has more automotive experience, having worked at Carcraft before they went into liquidation. Both brothers saw the need for a change, and grasped the opportunity with both sets of hands.

“Things couldn’t be going any better. I love working for myself, and setting up our own business is a brilliant challenge. I would recommend it to anyone – of course it’s a risk but the feeling of being self-made is worth it”

The brothers are based in Telford and are members of a close family, who all live on the same road. Sporting-mad, they have family members who are boxing at an international level, and enjoy spending their time showing support.


They have access to a storage unit in the local area, and are currently selling around five cars a week.

Before going full-time, the brothers were both selling cars as a hobby, to earn some money on the side. They realised their hobby was a profitable one, and decided to work together and set-up a full-time business.

“We are experiencing growth – it’s exciting. In three or four months we want to open our own office premises and employ people to work for us – valets, sales staff and more.”


Their business relies largely on word-of-mouth and a degree of hard work in personal sales. Anjum and his brother are friendly and approachable men, and offer a high level of customer service.

They created their website – – which directs local online traffic their way. The page displays their stock, operational information and shows reviews.

They also use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to showcase their cars and interact with customers.

If you are looking for a new vehicle in the Shropshire area, or simply if you want to speak to Anjum about how he took the plunge from corporate work to owning his own business, you can contact Top Cars Telford on

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  1. I bought a car from these guys two months ago (MINI COOPER S). The service was excellent. Picked me up at the station (I was coming from Oxford), explained everything about the car (including what might need repairs at some point - I was buying a 2003 model), and were extremely transparent about the paperwork, my general rights, etc. The car has been working wonderfully and I couldn't be more satisfied. NOT your usual say-anything-to-make-a-sale type car salesmen. Would definitely buy from them again!

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