Uber’s Next Big Thing – Flying Cars

New-age, personal taxi company Uber have outlined their next potential business venture – Flying Cars.

Uber’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) Jeff Holden envisions a fleet of “small, electric aircraft” that will land and take-off vertically to revolutionise commuting in busy cities.

The true colours of this plan (dubbed “Elevate”) are revealed, however, when we learn that Uber don’t plan to actually build these cars themselves.

This privilege is handed over to companies that are already innovating in these fields, such as Terrafugia, Pal-V and AeroMobil, who Uber are declaring their ‘support’ for.

Despite the “Elevate” initiative only being released this week, it has already attracted its fair share of criticism.

Despite Uber’s claims that it would be cheaper to build infrastructure to accommodate small, flying vehicles, Colin Snow of Skylogic claims that they’ve underestimated the logistics, and the certification that comes with the regulation of aviation – especially in big cities where all travel is at a premium.

The white paper, that was published in support of this campaign, describes that the average time that a San Francisco resident spends on his commute per year is a whopping 230 hours.

Other international cities such as Los Angeles and Sydney go even above that, estimating their residents spend over seven weeks per year travelling to work.

Obviously, there are no immediate plans to release anything or put anything on show, but could Uber’s expression of interest mean a change in the personal travel/commuting industry?

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